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4 Pieces Needed to Install an Accusump Correctly

Posted by Jeff Behuniak on May 10, 2017 3:00:00 PM

The Accusump is an important part of many oiling systems across the world. The Accusump can be an intimidating installation. To help simplify the process of selecting parts we have put together a quick list of the 4 pieces you will need to properly install the Accusump in your oiling system. 

24-006-1.jpgThe first piece needed is the Accusump itself. There are 4 sizes of Accusumps, each designed according to how it will be used and the space it needs to be mounted in. The 1 qt version is recomended for pre-oiling for engine maintenance and motorcycle engines. The 2 & 3 qt versions of the Accusump are recommended for track use.  For big cubic inch motors that run high oil pressure we also have the 3 qt high pressure version. This longer Accusump prevents the piston from being bottomed out under extreme pressures.  


24-200.jpgThe second piece needed is the mounting clamps.  While these are a simple part they often get forgotten. There are two sets of clamps offered for each Accusump. The utilitarian stainless steel band clamps and the show worthy billet aluminum clamps. Both function the same but offer very different aesthetics. It is important to note that the proper installation position for Accusump clamps is always one clamp at the very end of each side of the Accusump tube.


The third piece of the system is arguably the most confusing but crucial part of the system. Selecting 24-275X#2.jpgthe proper valve for the Accusump is essential to proper oil control. There are 3 types of valves that we recommend.  The first and most basic is our manual ball valve, which is recommended for pre-oiling applications that have easy access to the Accusump. Second would be our electric valve without the EPC switch, which is typically recommended for pre-oiling applications where the Accusump is not in an easy to reach location or where ease of use is a priority. For track use we almost always recommend using an electric valve with an EPC Switch. This valve type will guarantee that the Accusump is as full as it can be when you hit the part of the track that causes oil pressure problems.  For more information subscribe to receive our upcoming blog on selecting the right valve, or download our Accusump Selection Guide now for a visual walk through of all these options. 


24-700.jpgThe fourth and final piece needed to install the Accusump is a plumbing installation kit. To plumb an Accusump, any pressure port on the block can be used. Since extra pressure ports on the block are not that common, a single port oil input sandwich adapter is often used.  An oil input sandwich adapter provides access to oil flow by installing between your engine's filter and block.  If you are already using an adapter in order to run either a remote oil filter or an oil cooler you can simply use the return line as a "T" in point for an Accusump. In the case of a remote filter, sometimes a remote mount will come with extra ports that can be used to plumb the Accusump. 

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For a step by step guide to choosing the right Accusump system for your application click below to get our Accusump Selection Guide.  

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